Pastel Lavender Color Bag

  • Its is a 100% made in India product
  • Locally Sourced Selected high-quality Materials with Silky smooth touch.
  • Joints enhanced by metal wares for increased firmness and durability
  • Pastel Lavender Color Bag
  • 22*11*4 inches

1,499.00 1,000.00


Pastle collection is a guarantee to give the best quality items at very competitive costs. We promise to give all of your kind of warranty in the future… this purse is substantial and ideal for keeping your regular basics. This bag with casuals of your getting a kick out of the chance to look savvy. the elegant vibe of this handbag is definitely a plus point and it is designed to complement your style and make you stand out even in regular daily jobs. It’s an ideal choice to carry for work and party. it is a combination of the art with the technology it is manufactured out of very high-quality material and engineered with a spacious room to hold your essentials on the go.

This bag comes with a Zip on the inside to keep your coins or mobile phone handy.


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