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How can a tote bag enhance your style?

Each one of us has a different taste in fashion, some of us may find fashion in everything while some like me may find fashion the hardest subject. Well, to be clear on the fashion part, it is typically something that you find the most attractive and stylish. It is about how you carry yourself and how you are able to look graceful even in the simplest of outfits.

Styles, Trends, Seasons…..

Styles, trends and seasons are the three things that none can stop from changing. The moment you start fitting with the on going fashion – Boom! Next walks in. So it is like a hard cookie to chew, you have to keep on following the latest trends out so as to maintain the pace with the fashion world.

But wait, what if I say there is always one thing that never goes off the fashion race? Tote bags are those evergreen fashion. Call it a gym, a shopping Hall, a marketplace or any other basic outing tote bags can be carried everywhere. Tote bag is the one thing that can surely enhance your styling. Many of you must be familiar to this world already. Who wouldn’t be after all everyday we see various celebrities out with their designer tote piece.

Style is how you carry…..

The way they carry the bag with them is the real fashion, with so elegance and grace they carry tote that it always mesmerizes the viewers. See, that is how style can be achieved and that too without giving much effort. I’m sure that more than half of my readers would already be carrying a tote bag on a regular basis, they are so famous after all within women but not all of them would be carrying them in a way which enhances their style.

What are the qualities of a Tote Bag?

Tote bags are the ones that you may not even bother asking for qualities. Why? Because since ages these bags have been used by people all around due to their qualitative features alone, this fashion and style are the ones that developed with time, but qualities they have been present in tote bags ever since they were designed.

Okay, to make it more of a useful content, let me add some of the features and qualities that the tote bags have in them, the features which make them special from the rest.

Spacious – If you ever find yourself in the bewilderment of which bag to carry for a complete day out or picnic, I would definitely say a tote bag. Spacious is the first qualitative feature that all the women look for while searching for their right bag. A bag without proper space is like a pen without no or less ink. The only reason why we need bags is because we have some important belongings to carry and when we fall short of space in our bags that irritates a lot. What is the use bag which cannot keep all your stuff? This is the most obvious and generous reason why most of the ladies shift to tote bags.

Lightweight – Carrying shoulder bags all day long can cause huge pain on your shoulder area. It can be tiring as well and may not allow you to carry heavy objects for a few days. The same is not the case with tote bags, carry them all day long because of their exceptionally light weighed texture. They can keep your items safe inside and that too without being heavy. As the bags are so spacious weight gets distributed evenly around and you are able to carry your bag around. You always have the option to carry the bag in your hand if your shoulder gets overloaded. So you can carry a tote bag either way.

Multi – purpose inside pockets – Some of the smartest tote bag designers also provide you with inside multi – purpose pockets. These pockets not only allow you to keep your cell phone entirely safe inside but you can keep other miscellaneous items also like charger, pens, keys etc. The pockets make your bag organized and you are able to get your favorite item out of your bag easily. Now not only are you able to keep heavy objects inside your tote bag but with small pockets inside you can keep the little but the most important things too, makes the tote bag indeed the all in one requirement fulfilling bag.

Now that you know the features of a tote bag and how a tote bag can make your outfit look more graceful and smart, what is stopping you from having one? Jump on to the design, color and pattern that you find the best for you and buy it. Tote bag and style go together like jam and bread, and that is fantastic!

Carry with style the tote bag you have and keep all your things secure and packet inside your bag. Tote bags according to me are something worth investing in and you certainly won’t be regretting this investment. They are so helpful and fashionable that you will find yourself addicted to them once you start using them, or wait you are. Whatever be the case with you make sure to have at least one tote bag with you in your wardrobe.

By Anu, Dehradun

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