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The Trend that never goes off

The tote bags that we see today almost with every classy woman have their origin traced back to the early 1940’s when an US company designed them for carrying mere ice and woods.

As it is clear by the name, tote bags denote a bag that can carry everything well. Tote usually symbolizes “to carry” and that they do. These bags are one of the most spacious and strongest bag types. Running late for office? Don’t have enough time to organize your belongings properly? Put in all your items inside your tote bag and you are all set.

The stylish look the bag provides is just next to none. No other bag type provides such an amazing texture and space as provided by a tote bag. Carry it all day with you and feel absolutely comfortable with it. Tote bag doesn’t even cause pain and ache on your shoulder and you are able to move freely carrying it.

Did anyone tell you that tote bags are the most resilient and versatile one? Tote bag does not differentiate between anything; you can put in the littlest of your belongings like hair pins to your most important documents in them safely. Since you will be carrying the bag all day with yourself there involves almost zero risk factors with tote bags.

Earlier huge bulky bags were the new fashion of tote but now as the people have developed their Vogue tastes and trends, there comes various sizes and also shapes of tote bags. Designer, handcrafted and leather bags are some of the pieces that never go off fashion. It amazes me that since the discovery, tote bags have changed a lot. The bags you will find today are a thousand times better version of what they were back then. Why shouldn’t they be after all, changes are what usually sell in the market.

Are there any changes in tote bag fashion?

Studying the changes have always been amazingly interesting for everyone. It is always fun to see how much a year changes. Since we live in an environment where every year a new trend falls in and the previous one is laid back, it becomes utterly important to already know which change is the trend. No one likes to be out of fashion, right?

Since tote bags have a wide variety of types and options available their fashion trends usually have a slower slope. Where earlier women used to carry heavy and strong bags for themselves now with the development they are carrying bags of much lower weight. The bags we have today are exceptionally light weighted and have huge space inside.

Since this is the era where people mostly go with colours and trends, tote bags have developed to be as classy and stylish as possible. Now the bags don’t only fulfil the fashion needs but are also able to carry heavy objects like laptops.

Why should you be having a tote bag?

Being a customer is sort of a responsibility indeed, you have to be pretty known to everything you purchase or wish to get for yourself in future. What if you buy something not worthy enough? Hence it is vital to invest your money right by being aware of the purpose and benefits of the things bought.

The purpose and uses of Tote bags you know, but what you don’t know about are the benefits of a tote bag. What basically makes these bags so special to be in your wardrobe? The benefits are much different from the uses and hence one must not be confused between the two.

Reusable – The one thing you can do for your environment and the one thing you can do for yourself as well. Investing again and again is a bit expensive, and I’m sure none of us falls in the family tree of Bill Gates. So why not switch to a smarter option of investing once and using forever? Only if you know how to keep these bags properly, you may be able to use them again and again.

Versatile – Whether it is shopping, a day out, a beach day or gym, tote bags are forever to your rescue. They are so versatile that you can keep all types of items in them. Grab on your belongings when you are running late and put them inside your tote bag and you are ready to go. Tote bags also don’t involve much thinking as they look good with almost every outfit. No doubt why I always see big celebrities carrying tote bags when out.

Durable – Tote bags are the most durable sort of bags out of all. They are indeed the strongest ones when it comes to carrying heavy objects like laptops. What makes tote bags the best of all is their long lasting ability.

Huge varieties – Like any other type of bag tote bags too are available in different varieties, colour, designs and patterns. You can choose the bag that fits the best with your outfit and go out in style. Be whatever the day, the colour or the weather, tote bags will never dissatisfy you with their unique and stylish designs.

I bet 80% or maybe more of you reading this will already be having the best of the tote bags with you, but getting more stock of something valuable in your wardrobe can never be off beat. Get the best designer trendy bags with you and nail them with each and every outfit. Did you get your tote bag yet? If not, then grab them before anyone else does.

By Meenakshi, Mohali

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