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Back Pockets and Leather Wallets – Are you also the one?

Leather Wallet I must say is a dream to have. Just like an Apple phone stands alone in the androids, leather wallets too have a distinct position. They look so high class and stylish that no one can ever resist having such a type of masterpiece.

Well okay, enough of the feature highlights of carrying a leather wallet let us get back to our main topic – do you carry leather wallets in your back pocket? I won’t be amused if more than 90% of you people reading this answer yes. This is what people do the most after all, no one is adept to keep a wallet in their front pocket rather everyone prefers keeping it in the back. But is it really a good thing to do? What we as overly workaholics individuals do is when we are running late we put our wallet in our back pocket and get out. Of course our front pockets have more important stuff to carry, wallet! What is that? It does not have any of the important things and it won’t even make any difference to us if it gets lost somewhere due to our carelessness, right?

Keeping a wallet in the back pocket also can pose various health related concerns. Just because you have no other place to keep your wallet doesn’t mean you will risk your health. Let’s dive in a little deeper and learn the various health problems that come along when you keep your wallet in the back.

What are the health issues?

Back pain – Keeping a wallet in your back pocket is one of the major reasons why you must be having back pain for a continuous period. A wallet full of cards and cash can lead to a greater risk of developing a prolonged back pain. Sitting on a bulky filled up wallet can cause lower back pain, hip pain and can also affect your spine. This may seem a little unrealistic to some people as to how a wallet can cause pains but researches have now concluded that this happens on a very large scale.

Risk to Pelvis – Imagine wearing a shoe in only one leg, will you be able to properly walk, some experts may however even do that but after some time your legs will probably start paining. That is what happens when you put a wallet in one of your back pockets. When you sit on your wallet it will make your pelvis to rise towards the side where you have kept your wallet. This will lead to the bending of your lower back which is a serious medical problem.

Are these two risks not yet able to make you conscious of the great medical issues? It’s high time you change your lifestyle of keeping your wallet always in your back pockets, especially when you are sitting. There is no great problem while you are standing with your wallet in back but when you finally decide to sit make sure to take it out so as to prevent your pelvis from rising and being in an abnormal condition.

Now these two were the most usual health risks involving keeping a wallet in back pockets, however there are more risks other than that. Keeping a wallet in back can also lead to security concerns.

Here’s how it can happen –

Security and wallet in back pocket

There are greater chances of your wallet getting stolen when you keep it in your back pocket. This is because when you are out in a crowded place you usually don’t have an idea of who’s standing at your back and there arise many securities related issues. You may even lose your wallet somewhere or it can be that your wallet gets stolen, chances of both are high when you keep it in the back.

Hence it is important for everyone to ensure that you don’t let the thieves have a feast of your hard earned money. It is also vital to note that you don’t allow your back to get hurt due to your one minor mistake. Your health is the greatest gift you can have and it is important to save it in every possible way.


I cannot say that keeping your wallet in your front pocket may lower your risk of harming your own health as when you will sit the wallet will cause the same effect on your body. So what should you do now? Don’t take with your wallets anymore or burn out leather wallet as they may cause some serious health problems? No, neither of the case will I recommend, rather I would say why don’t you shift to a much smarter approach? Leather wallet can only affect you when you’re sitting over them, so to eliminate this risk it is better for all to remove your wallet out of your pocket when you are going to sit down. Put it on the nearest table or a chair instead, especially when you are driving make sure you take out your wallet.

The next time you go out think of your spine and the pain that will come with it if you sit on your wallet. Ignore this as much as possible and you are all set to live happy and long.

By Divye, Bangalore

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