Yet Another Boldbury Bag!

When I came back from shopping the other day, my husband smirked and asked ‘Did you splurge again on another bag?’ And I said, well it’s complicated!! I love my handbags like I am literally obsessed with my miscellany of bags!! There is no particular reason, but it becomes so easy to carry keys, wallet, phone, headphones, make-up; all in one handbag, without having to lose them. For me, these bags are not just a fashion accessory that pony up style and charm to my everyday apparel; but they are my personal and practical companion to carry my essentials in an organized and in trendy manner. And just like me, many of us would panic if we don’t have a handbag with us. But there is more to it. Many phycology studies show that carrying a handbag denotes a sign of independence and stature for many women. It is dated back to the First World War when handbags were introduced as a reason to flaunt their newly gained financial independence to the world, rather than carrying their belongings in pockets of large billowing skirts. They carried Cigars and lighted them with flamboyance or used for carrying to re-touch their makeup in public; thus leading to lipsticks and compacts became a part of women’s day to day ordinance. Decades later, handbags have evolved in different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. Women love to carry their handbags everywhere they go, whether it is going to the office, shopping, or partying with friends. Women tend to spend a lot of time when investing in a good handbag and play it safe when choosing an attenuate handbag. And it is not only that the brand is taken into consideration when choosing a handbag, but its design and the quality of the material used are key points taken into consideration when purchasing a handbag. For those who have a lack of interest in keeping up with the ever-changing clothing fashion or those who are too busy to spend long hours in front of the mirror, adorning a swanky handbag completes their overall look. Handbags are great for personal use and are even a greater option for gifting. At least you don’t end up gifting the wrong size and there is no handbag ever made that would make women look fatty. (I guess this is the reason that buying a good handbag gives me so much happiness). So go ahead and treat yourself with a nice and sassy handbag now!

By Megha, Australia

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