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If there is one piece worthy of investment each season, it has to be a designer handbag. And there are some classic styles that never go out of fashion out there too.

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Explore our jutti collection to find styles that fits any occasion, from parties to festivities, weddings to events. Inspire others in your vicinity with trending Punjabi juttis.

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Tote Bag 1

The Trend that never goes off The tote bags that we see today almost with every classy woman have their origin traced back to the …

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Leather Wallet 1

The most important accessory of a man? Unlike women, men are much gifted when it comes to carrying money and other monetary belongings. Women usually …

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Tote Bag 2

How can a tote bag enhance your style? Each one of us has a different taste in fashion, some of us may find fashion in …

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Leather Wallet 2

Back Pockets and Leather Wallets – Are you also the one? Leather Wallet I must say is a dream to have. Just like an Apple …

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Yet Another Boldbury Bag!

When I came back from shopping the other day, my husband smirked and asked ‘Did you splurge again on another bag?’ And I said, well …

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Get Simple, Stylish and Sleek Bags from Boldbury

What Makes It Awesome Ladies, a great handbag can really change the game in the day and age of multipurpose accessories that can carry everything …

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